Beach/Ft. Pickens

Pensacola Beach is called an “Island Paradise” for a reason.  There are more historic stories and battles, ecological success stories, and tales of buried treasure than any other.  Retired teacher and current realtor, Nan Harper does a fantastic job tracing the beach’s development from a pristine wilderness to a Spanish colony and then become a battlefield and militarized zone before civilians got to enjoy it all.  Unique beach heros and specialties are described.  The tour also addresses fishing, ecology, and rip tides.  It even includes a walking tour inside Ft. Pickens and its museum.  Come see the beach like never before!  (1.6 hours) 

Nan Harper is the Realtor-owner of Island Realty on Pensacola Beach.  A native of the area, she is very active in professional and civic organizations--many of which she has served or is serving in senior positions.  These include the Pensacola Association of Realtors, Florida State Women Council of Realtors, Escambia County Tourism Development Commission, Sister Cities International, and Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce--to name a few.  She also is fluent in Spanish.



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"Excellent tour! The video is perfectly timed to each site presented. The driver was courteous and knowledgeable about Ft. Pickens. I highly recommend this tour." -- Dione Dunn
"Excellent tour. I can't wait to discover more of what Go Retro has to offer" -- Joe Rainey
"" -- Nicole Veilleux