Just as Pensacola was the site of the first European colonization attempt in Florida, it also was where the first craft brewer began in 1988.  Since then other brewers have opened.  Now,  Pensacola is the largest craft brewing city in northwest Florida.  Go Retro explores the five largest breweries on this memorable tour, where guests can taste beverages at each stop and learn how each conducts its operation.  

Passengers convene at the Go Retro depot on 610 N. Spring St. no later than 2:15, where they will check-in and meet their experienced guide.  Shortly thereafter, the bus will take the group to the first stop, McGuire’s Craft Brewery at 2:30.  Not only is McGuire’s the oldest craft brewery in the city, but it was the first to get a craft brewery license in the state in 1988.  With over a million dollar bills on the walls, the ambiance and rich decor is the perfect setting for your tastings.  If you are a home brewer, you may take some of McGuire’s yeast with you to try on your next batch.  

At 3:00, the group will be at Gulf Coast Brewery, which is just across the street from McGuire’s.  Besides making their own beer, they offer a walk-in humidor and classy wine lounge.  

The group won’t have time to get too comfortable before at 3:30 the bus takes everyone to Pensacola Bay Brewery, which is the second oldest micro-brewery here.  Located across the street from Seville Square, this brewery has a charming feel in the oldest part of downtown.  

Next at 4:00, the bus takes the group to Swan Neck, which manufactures mead.  If you thought this medieval drink had long since had its day, think again!  Mead is making a come back!  Let your inner knight and princess come out.

Finally, at 4:30, the group will walk over to Perfect Plains Brewery.  Located in a former printing shop, the brew smell and ink offer a unique smell; it also is a dog friendly place.  After this stop, the Go Retro bus will pick up the group and return all to the Depot.     

All passengers must be over 21 years of age to drink.  Portions are modest, but the quantities will accumulate; therefore drink responsibly.  This tour involves walking and riding. 



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