The Longest Siege

This is the premier tour to learn about colonial Pensacola and the largest battle ever to be fought in Florida.  While the city often celebrates its original Spanish establishment in 1559, it sometimes overlooks the next 250 years of colonial development.  This tour shows how and why Pensacola developed the way it did.  You will be able to see where the original, permanent 1756 Spanish village began and ended downtown.  More importantly, you will see what the British did to transform the community to a town that we could recognize today and where they erected four fortifications to guard it from Spanish attack.  You will learn why Pensacola was so important to the Spanish and how the Spanish took the town.  This involves tracing the marches of the Spanish and French forces, and seeing over a dozen battle sites in what became the longest siege of the American Revolution.  All adults should have two forms of identification because the tour goes aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola to see where Gálvez bravely entered Pensacola Bay. (100 minutes)


The Longest Seige

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