Pensacola Pass

Save money and time by purchasing the Pensacola Pass, which is good for 3-days.  This fabulously designed itinerary allows visitors to get the most out of their Pensacola stay.  

Begin your adventure by picking up your wristbands and vouchers at Go Retro, where you'll want to take the Hop-on Hop-off Tour (HOHO).  This downtown loop operates Tuesday through Saturday, completing a 1.15 hours circuit; however, there is lots to do and see in downtown Pensacola.  There are 14 stops, in front of museums, art galleries, memorials, monuments, restaurants, fish market, and retail shops.  At each of these you will want to explore and possibly pick up where you left off the previous day because you'll be given over $100 in coupons.  The most popular HOHO stop is the Historic Pensacola Village, which with your voucher, you can explore its period houses and converse with costumed interpreters; another stop is the Quina House, which is the oldest still on its original foundations; nearby, you could do a self-guided tour of St. Michael's Cemetery, which boasts of the grave of Confederate Secretary of the Navy, Stephen R. Mallory.      

At your own pace and with your car, you can take your Dolphin Cruise from Pensacola Beach.  This motorized tour is two hours and goes approximately 20 miles.  Dolphins commonly are seen.    

Following a satisfactory background check, you will be able to get aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola for the big finale--the Naval Heritage Tour.  This will take you from the depot, first to the Pensacola Lighthouse, where you will can climb its 177 steps to the top and also look at the historic displays inside its museum.  If you see a ghost, don't worry.  The place is known to be haunted.  

Lastly, your driver will transport you to the the National Naval Aviation Museum.  This first class facility is crammed full of vintage airplanes and more recent aircraft.  A Go Retro docent will take you on a guided tour for a little over an over.  Then he will let you explore other exhibits, gift shop, simulators, big screen movie theater, and/or the historic Cubi Cafe pub.  Your wristband will get you complimentary popcorn and admission to a big screen movie.  

For one of your evenings, pass holders can go on one of Go Retro's popular ghost tours.   Simply select one and schedule the rest of your itinerary times after your booking.      


Pensacola Pass

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