Every city has its own story, but few can trace its development from so many countries, nationalities, and disasters as Pensacola.  These diverse influences have been evident in the city's architecture, and distinguishing patterns have emerged.  Who were the protagonists, and was there a "downtown conspiracy"?  See how we got here.  This tour traces the development of the community from a village of huts to stately wooden homes, to those of brick, and to hybrid models.  For those wanting to design their own home, this tour can help you decide which style homes you prefer.  From designing houses, buildings, and a community, local architect, Scott Sallis, relates this fascinating story.   
(85 minutes)

Architect Scott Sallis has more than 19 years experience in the fields of architecture, interior design, and master planning. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of planning, conceptual and schematic design, and construction of buildings. As an experienced architect, he has worked on both renovations and new construction and enjoys contributing to projects that enhance the communities in which they are built.



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"Wonderful tour!" -- Tom Clarke
"Most cities don't have the rich history of Pensacola. The tour was amazing and very well done, especially incorporating the technology." -- Betty Lindemer
"An excellent tour. Although I have lived here permanently for 22 years (and visited since 1968), I learned a lot and saw new areas. The tour was clear, concise, informative, at the right pace and with good reinforcement. I will recommend it to others, for sure. Your driver is very personable and thoughtful. Of course, I knew he would be, with the name of Jamie...also my grandson's name. Thank you for an excellent 90 minute tour." -- Linda Balink-White
"Thank yall! Beautiful tour!" --
"Lots of info. We really enjoyed tour especially on old bus." -- Alice Durbin
"" -- Lloyd Beck
"I learned so much about the different architectural styles around town. The North Hill portion of the tour was particularly interesting. I had no idea there are so many different -- and beautiful -- architectural styles in the homes in that area. And Willie was his charming, gracious self. I enjoyed this tour very much." -- Susanne Hoffman
"" -- Dora Quarles
"" -- Ruth White
"" -- Barbara Carter
"" -- Theresa Brannan
"" -- AJ Poulton