Lighthouse and Aviation Museum

This exciting bus tour is the only one of its kind that honors the maritime and aviation history in Pensacola.  Originating downtown, the tour relates Pensacola's Navy story, passing onto the airbase, stopping at the Pensacola Lighthouse, where folks can climb its 177 steps to the top, and concluding at the National Naval Aviation Museum, where guests can explore this first class museum.  

Tour fare includes all background check processing, transportation, admission to the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum, guided tour at the National Naval Aviation Museum, and popcorn or soft drink with the purchase of a big screen movie ticket.  

This experience--typically 3.5 hours--is entertaining and educational.  You will learn more about the base's history, its personnel, and current operations.  You will have new pride and appreciation for those in uniform.  

All adult civilians are required to submit to background checks 48 HOURS (2 days) prior to coming on base.  Immediately after reserving a space, each adult civilan must include their Driver's License number or Passport number to process the background checks.  Without a properly completed background check, your reservation could be invalidated.  Children 1-17 years of age are exempt from the background checks.  If you fail the background check, you will be notified before the tour; otherwise, plan on arriving at the Go Retro depot, 610 N. Spring St, about 15 minutes ahead of the time of your departure.  Please bring your identification with you.  

There are additional regulations governing the lighthouse:  

  • Oversized purses and backpacks are not permitted
  • Only shoes with secured backs are permitted (no flip-flops)
  • Climbers must be at least 44" tall or 7 years old. Children 12 & under cannot climb without a ticketed adult.


Naval Heritage

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