Pensacola Séance

To begin this unique experience, each participant will be asked to bring an heirloom (i.e. photo) or question to share with the psychic.  After check-in, participants will be led to the center table and take their seats.  (BYOB is permitted).  The psychic will then begin by describing her tools, which include a pendulum, tarot cards, crystals and protective herbs.  She will ask questions, soliciting responses.  For more in depth answers she uses the tarot cards.   

Ivy is highly skilled and regarded as one of the most engaging young psychics in Pensacola. In her career, she has conducted dozens of sessions linking people with the other side.  The séance will last about one hour.  Families and couples are encouraged, as this sometimes reveals exciting results.  

Total time for this adventure is about 1 hour.  


Pensacola Séance

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"" -- Lynne Lance
"What a treat to snoop around a creepy old victorian house at night with such a spirited, adventurous group. I didn't expect to have my hands on real ghost hunting equipment and be able to explore like we did. My heart raced when the spirit started answering our questions! The Psychic just blew everyone away- I mean she was right on. I've been to psychics who would get vague hints/hits and expect you to fill in the gaps- this was not the case. This reader locked right on with no prying for clues. Her style was fun and conversational, which made it easy to enjoy and connect with the other guests' stories not just my own." -- Sophie Houser
"I enjoyed this a lot more than any other Ghost Tour in the area." -- Carol Waldron